Helen's journey - from the sea to the workshop!

Learn more about Retired Petty Officer Helen Firth's journey with Building Heroes

Helen Firth engaged in a Building Heroes programme during the final five weeks of her being in the Royal Navy, utilising resettlement leave. A now retired Petty Officer, with a distinguished 13-year service in the Royal Navy and a commendable record of over 1,000 sea days, Helen embarked on this new endeavour. Her primary motivation was to enhance her proficiency in general DIY tasks, with an eye towards potentially expanding her property portfolio down the line. Upon learning about the Building Heroes initiative, Helen recognised it as a remarkable chance to achieve her objectives.

Helen said: "The course delivered all the skills and experiences in these trades I had been expecting but what I didn't expect is the way the overall course would make me feel by the end of the 5 weeks."
She continues: "It can be hard sometimes for the military to instill value within people, it's a busy operation with constant movement of people. My last 2 years I have struggled with stress and anxiety as a result of increased pressure within the forces and the environment that workplace stress creates."

Regrettably, the increased pressure became overwhelming for Helen. A mere six months before her scheduled TX date, she experienced a minor burnout, and ended up taking anti-anxiety medication. Consequently, she opted to take a period of leave to recalibrate and restore her well-being and to get herself back on track before transitioning into the civilian world again.

Helen had succeeded in elevating her state of mind to a more positive level, but the five weeks she spent on the course propelled her back to a sense of self she hadn't experienced in quite a while. She mentioned that the programme instilled a significant sense of value within each participant and the assembly of individuals was truly exceptional, united by a shared purpose, and the remarkable support provided by Rachel, the Building Heroes programme coordinator and the college staff exceeded all expectations.

Helen said: "I was sad when the course ended. It helped me get back into a healthy routine of productive work, increased my socialising and most importantly, my self-belief that I would never have expect to get from a course that I started out doing to develop my DIY skills."

After hearing about Helen's story, it was pleasure to hear her say that she would recommend Building Heroes to anyone. She recommends you get yourself on a course and end your service career in the best possible way, and enjoy the support from Building Heroes as you appraoch opportunities for a civilian career.

Helen continues: "Thank you so much to everyone involved with this fantastic charity!"

Helen's story illustrates the remarkable influence a Building Heroes course can wield in an individual's journey. Our commitment extends beyond facilitating the shift from military to civilian life; we stand steadfast as pillars of support, providing not only tools but also the nurturing care essential for your transformation.

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