Delivering skills across the whole Building Life Cycle.

Top down view of a Building Heroes academy site.

At the heart of construction

A Building Heroes academy sits at the heart of an on-site development. We provide skills and employment pathways that follow the phases of a building life cycle.

We engage with the different phases of the project highlighting the skills and training needed to meet the needs of industry employers and provide on site experience.

With the capacity to train up to 1,000 personnel per year worth 30 million of Social Value, Building Heroes academies address the needs of employers and the wider economy to deliver targeted interventions and positive outcomes.


The whole package

Through our academies we extend our capabilities to reach military and underrepresented groups to supporting the drive for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. This provides an even greater pool of candidates.

We are not just about recruitment, we are a solution that will provide a whole package to recruit, re-skill and redeploy. If you would like further information on our specialised on-site academies please contact head office on 0330 9126200.

Academy partners

In 2021 we partnered with leading developers to provide on-site academies to strengthen our presence in the construction industry, which allows more learners to join and attend our courses. As our academies expand, we can facilitate more of the military community in gaining specialist construction training.

Partner with us

We can deliver a tailored solution to your recruitment needs.

Partner with us
People shaking hands, wearing a Building Heroes wristband.