Ten Stories: Introducing Danny Cole, Former Sergeant, Royal Marines

Ten stories to represent a decade of Building Heroes

Danny Cole served as a Sergeant in the Royal Marines for 21 years until he was medically discharged in 2022. It was a challenging period for Danny as he battled severely with PTSD, and unfortunately, he reached one of the lowest points in his life, where he attempted to take his own life. However, thankfully, with time he recovered physically and is on a journey to recovering mentally and emotionally.

When Danny was discharged it came with little warning, which unfortunately added to his existing troubles with suffering from PTSD. The timing was incredibly tough, and it was made even more difficult by the passing of his mother. Danny was in a dark place for a long time, questioning his purpose and future. Fortunately, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and he was introduced to Building Heroes, where Danny developed new skills, providing him with a sense of direction and a new lease of life.

Danny said: "The course had its tough days, but the tutor and Building Heroes coordinator kept pushing me to get involved. They reminded me to show up every day, and challenge myself to learn and grow, as they knew I had it me all along! Their support meant a lot to me, and it helped me gain confidence in my abilities."

When we spoke to Danny, he said one of the most critical aspects of the programme was the camaraderie among the cohorts. The learners formed a close-knit community, offering each other support and understanding, and from this, they built life-long friendships.

Danny said: "Their encouragement played a significant role in my journey, providing me with the strength to overcome challenges and doubts."

Danny celebrated every step throughout the programme as significant wins. Each day, they brought him closer to a better version of himself.

Danny continues: "Thanks to the support of Building Heroes, I am now collaborating with another graduate of the programme to renovate properties. I find great satisfaction in my work, and it directly reflects the progress I've made in rebuilding myself and my mental health. Although not every day is perfect, I am incredibly grateful to Building Heroes for believing in me and offering a lifeline during my darkest moments."

The programme helped provide Danny with the necessary practical skills and reignited his sense of purpose.

If you're a veteran seeking to rediscover your path, rebuild your life, and find a supportive community, Danny wholeheartedly recommends Building Heroes, and we are incredibly thankful for his support.

Danny closes: "It's more than just a construction skills programme—it's a stepping stone towards a brighter future."

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