Read About Stuart O'Hagan's Experience Doing a Building Heroes Course

Stuart wanted to enhance his practical skills, which is something he hasn't done in the past.

Stuart O'Hagan, a former Captain in the military from the East Riding of Yorkshire, embarked on a transformative journey by joining a Building Heroes course at the age of 53. Seeking to enhance his practical skills, which he had not previously prioritised, Stuart had always dedicated himself to helping others, often neglecting his own personal growth. With a strong interest in supporting mental health, counselling, and overall well-being, he aspired to utilise the skills acquired from the Building Heroes course to forge a new career path beyond the military, one that would enable him to improve his abilities and connect them with construction skills to benefit the well-being of others.

Having served as a Welfare Officer, Stuart had always directed others to seek support when needed. During this time, he discovered Building Heroes and was impressed by its outstanding reputation. Stuart said: "Building Heroes has such a great reputation and the feedback from others whom I have supported in the past who have undertaken the course have dramatically improved upon their own lives. I have had nothing but positive feedback about the course and decided to treat myself. I was in my last 12 months when I decided to pick the phone up and do something for myself which is quite unusual."

Stuart's brothers and his sons are well-established builders, electricians, and plumbers, and having experienced the impact of COVID on people’s livelihoods and their  wellbeing, he would like to incorporate mental health and wellbeing into construction to help support others in the future.

Stuart said: "I honestly never knew I could construct anything to do with plumbing let alone bricklaying. I have particularly enjoyed both the plumbing and bricklaying elements of the course. To be honest, being able to have belief in myself in what can be achieved and understanding my own limits or challenges."

Driven by his newfound passion, Stuart has decided to pursue further qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy, starting in September2023. Building Heroes opened his eyes to a world of new opportunities and invigorated him with a renewed sense of purpose. Without his involvement in the Building Heroes course, Stuart would have remained unaware of the untapped potential within himself, lacking the self-awareness and confidence needed to venture beyond his comfort zone.

Reflecting on his experience Stuart said: "I have enjoyed every single day of the course, every day was different. Being around others, learning something new and knowing what my coping strategies were during each element of the course, especially when something was going well, or not. Even if I was generally having a bad day, it was extremely satisfying to be out of the office, away from emails and knowing that the course is tailored to every individual irrespective of their own circumstances. I wasn’t judged or criticised, I was encouraged throughout the whole course. What I have enjoyed the most was the professional level of instruction and investment."

If you are inspired by Stuart's leap of faith and wish to embark on your own transformative journey, we encourage you to get in touch and join one of our courses. Building Heroes is ready to empower you to unlock your full potential and embrace a future filled with self-awareness, confidence, and exciting new opportunities.

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