From RAF to Sewing and Construction: A Journey of Passion and Empowerment with Building Heroes

At Building Heroes, we are honoured to witness the incredible transformations that take place when our learners embark on new careers after their military service. We are thrilled to share the inspiring story of Clare, a former RAF Warrant Officer and now a graduate of the Building Heroes programme. Clare's journey exemplifies the wide-ranging opportunities and empowerment we offer to veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Clare's decision to apply for the Building Heroes programme was fuelled by her clear vision of setting up her own business in property maintenance, combining her passion for sewing with the essential construction skills needed for property upkeep and enhancement. The programme came highly recommended from service colleagues and veterans alike, boasting an outstanding reputation, and it did not disappoint. Additionally, Clare sought to confidently carry out more complex tasks in her own home, making the programme even more appealing.

Clare first learned about Building Heroes through friends and colleagues who had successfully completed the Construction Multi-Skills course. Their positive experiences and thriving careers inspired Clare to embark on her own journey with Building Heroes, knowing she would be in capable hands.

Upon joining the programme, Clare had specific career goals in mind and trades she wished to pursue. But as she progressed through the Building Heroes programme, her career goals underwent some changes. Initially focused solely on sewing, she began to see the potential of combining her love for sewing with her interest in starting a handywoman business. This realisation opened up new possibilities and paths for her, demonstrating the adaptability and evolution of career goals over time and the Building Heroes programme has instilled in her the confidence to explore additional qualifications in plumbing and electrics, further enriching her skillset and benefiting her future business.

Throughout the programme, Clare gained a multitude of valuable skills to take into her new career, including the honing of her capabilities in bricklaying, tiling, plastering, painting & decorating, and joinery. The emphasis on teamwork and collaboration fostered an environment where Clare could thrive, contributing to successful project outcomes and a sense of camaraderie. This team working ensured development of effective communication skills, which while crucial in building positive relationships with co-workers on the programme, will also be put to great use with future customers and suppliers. Also, Clare valued the Health and Safety award and CSCS card as a way in which showcase her commitment to safety and industry standards.

Claire receiving her Building Heroes Graduation Certificate

As a service leaver, Clare has plans to settle and work in the Greater Manchester area, where she already has a home. Building Heroes has played a pivotal role in shaping her knowledge of self-employment, providing a solid foundation in construction skills and empowering her to explore new avenues. By combining her passion for sewing with practical construction skills, Clare has created a unique and marketable service which she is excited to get started with! Watch out for her skills coming to a town in the North East soon!

Reflecting on her time in the programme, Clare highlights the camaraderie among the group, the instructors' ability to deliver clear instructions, and the accelerated learning experience as the most enjoyable aspects. The sense of belonging, shared experiences, and support from fellow learners created a positive and motivating environment for personal growth and skill development. Clare's journey with Building Heroes exemplifies the profound impact our programme has on veterans transitioning to civilian life. By empowering individuals with construction skills and fostering a supportive community, we enable them to realise their career aspirations and unlock a world of opportunities.

Building Heroes proudly stands alongside our learners, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to Clare for sharing her inspiring story. Together, we continue to build brighter futures.

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