Learn more about the Building Heroes experience, but not from us, from our graduates!

Jessica Esland, a former military Captain, had a clear goal after leaving service: to become self-employed and have control over her work schedule. However, lacking experience in construction or property maintenance, she was unsure of the best path forward. Fortunately, she learned about Building Heroes at Reaseheath College through word-of-mouth and saw it as an excellent opportunity to explore new career options. Having previously worked in office-based roles, Jessica desired a hands-on, outdoor profession, such as van conversions or general building maintenance. Building Heroes has equipped her with the skills to achieve her ambitions and live life on her own terms.

What have been the most useful skills you have learnt to take into a new career?

Jessica found she was particularly good at tiling and plastering and she had the confidence to do this for herself, family and friends in the beginning. She hopes to keep progressing those skills when she leaves, but everything she learnt on course is potentially useful.

Having graduated from the Building Heroes programme, do you still think your careers goals are as they were when you started or have they now changed?  

Jessica went into the Building Heroes course with an open mind in terms of career options. She thoroughly enjoyed the course as she had no previous experience in any of the skills and it really gave her an understanding of her skill set and her options, Now, Jessica would certainly consider a career as a self-employed Handywoman! She also intends to use the skills she has learned to improve areas of her side project (Airbnb Bell Tents), by building a proper walls around the fire pits, outdoor shower enclosures etc.

Ultimately Jessica feels that the course has given her significant confidence to give all the above a go and more!

Do you have a job to go on to, and if so, has Building Heroes helped with this placement?

The people you meet throughout the course, be they other leavers, tutors, industry and employer visitors, is another aspect to the programme which has been fantastic. I am leaving with a group of new friends and several contacts that no doubt have/will be useful for the future.

Having completed the Building Heroes programme, what would you say you have enjoyed most about the programme?

Both the learning of new skills and making friends and camaraderie have been my favourite parts of the course. It has been so refreshing to meet like-minded and motivated individuals who want to learn and share their experience. Craig, our tutor, created a relaxed yet professional environment for everyone to thrive in. I felt supported throughout so that my confidence could grow.

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