Find Out About Thomas Simmons' Journey With Building Heroes

After leaving the military, Thomas sought to up-skill and broaden his employment options

Meet Thomas Simmons, a former Petty Officer in the Military, who embarked on a life-changing journey with Building Heroes.

Thomas first discovered Building Heroes through word-of-mouth and saw an incredible opportunity to up-skill and broaden his job prospects. Eager to take on new challenges, he swiftly enrolled at the Watford Building Heroes Academy, setting the stage for a transformative experience.

Thomas's motivation extended beyond merely enhancing his trade skills for personal projects at home; he also sought to explore a completely new area - plasterwork. While he had previously relied on online tutorials to learn carpentry and plumbing, plasterwork remained uncharted territory. Joining Building Heroes became his gateway to gaining exposure to this new skill and honing his expertise in other areas.

Throughout the intensive five-week course, Thomas fearlessly delved into various trades, including brickwork, despite having no prior experience. The hands-on practical lessons proved invaluable as he acquired new skills along the way.

Reflecting on his journey, Thomas shared, "Initially, I feared the program and worried that the tasks would be too complex. However, the course has instilled confidence in me. At the very least, I now have the practical expertise to enhance my home and explore paid work in the future."

Armed with newfound skills and a renewed sense of confidence, Thomas is all set to plant roots in the South East/Kent region, drawing closer to his family. Building Heroes has provided him with the stepping stones to a promising future, both professionally and personally.

We wish Thomas all the best as he embarks on this exciting new chapter in his life!

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