Feature Centre of The Month - Streetworks Programme - Week 1

A week in the life of a Building Heroes Streetworks Programme

As we kick off week one into the Streetworks programme, the course instructor begins with a welcome induction and uniforms are handed out to the group, with all the basic paperwork to complete. This includes:

  • Enrolment
  • Maths and English initial assessments
  • Learning style questionnaire
  • Individual learning plan
  • Meet the instructor and the rest of the group

Week one is focused around health & safety week, which is a very important week, and sets the foundation for the whole course. The aim of this is to ensure a smooth process and by the end of week one, the learners will achieve their CSCS card and health & safety qualification.

As it's the first week, we tend to get a lot of FAQ's, which include: 

Will I get a CSCS card?

  • Upon completion of the workbook, and passing the test, learners will they receive a CSCS card.

What is a streetworks card?

  • Streetworks cards are the golden ticket, they will show potential employers that you have the knowledge, understanding and ability to go straight into work.

What time do we finish the course?

  • The sessions are planned as 9am – 5pm and learners should make sure that they are available for those times for the full five weeks. You must attend every session.

Can we go home early on Fridays?

  • There may be occasional times when we can, but it will depend on work and tasks completed.

Is there a lot of paperwork?

  • There is a decent amount, yes, but the paper work is kept to a minimum, but it is there to prove your ability and needs to be completed to the highest level.

Do we have PT on Wednesdays?

  • No

Check back to learn more about week two.

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