Celebrating Brendan's Retirement

Brendan Williams, the founder of Building Heroes Education Foundation, celebrated his retirement with a special lunch and celebration with family, friends, and colleagues. The event, held on April 21st, was a tribute to Williams' dedication to the charity's mission of supporting veterans and service leavers in their transition to the construction industry.

Williams founded Building Heroes in 2014, and since then, the charity has graduated over 2,500 veterans and service leavers from the construction skills programme, providing them with the necessary qualifications to secure sustainable employment in the industry. Williams' vision and leadership have been instrumental in the success of Building Heroes, and his passion for the cause has inspired many to support the charity's work.

The retirement lunch was attended by Building Heroes' board members, staff, and family members. The event was an opportunity to celebrate Williams' achievements, share stories, and express gratitude for his contribution to the charity's work.

During the celebration, Williams expressed his gratitude to all those who had supported him over the years and shared his pride in the achievements of Building Heroes. He spoke of his excitement for the future of the charity, and his confidence in the team's ability to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of veterans and service leavers.

The retirement lunch was a fitting tribute to Brendan Williams, and as he embarks on his new journey, his legacy and the impact of his work with the charity will continue to inspire those involved in Building Heroes for years to come.

Enjoy a selection of photos taken during the event, which capture the joy and camaraderie of the occasion.

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